Japanese Cuisine日本料理
"Attractive" or "Good-looking" and "Healthy" are great factors of Japanese Cuisine
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Dinner Fullcourse Breakfast
Local cuisine in Kochi, Shikoku-island Kyoto-cuisine at Hokkaido (the North island)
Japanese-style-Inn with Spa and Attractive Japanese cuisine
before a major skiarea in the central Japan Shojin-ryori
Sukiyaki Soba

Entree incl. "Tofu": bean-curd
"Sashimi"(sliced-raw-fish) on ice

Roasted lobster (alternative1)

Roasted abalone(alternative2)

"Chawan-mushi": steamed-rice-bowl containing shrimp, mushrooms, vegetables, etc.

"Udon": Japanese noodle with a yolk

"Tempura": Deep-fried fish and vegetable

"Gohan": Boiled-rice, "Kounomono": Japanese pickles and ground-yam

Season's dessert

Fullcourse Breakfast
incl. "Miso-soup,""Sashimi,"seaweed, pickled-plum・・and dessert

In the year of 2008
Chef: Mr. Norio Mikamo
Photographed at "Aburi-bo"Japanese restaurant, "Mansuirou"Ryokan (Japanese-style hotel).
Misasa-Spa, Misasa-cho, Tottori-pref., JAPAN
Outer link: "Mansuirou"official-site

Local cuisine in Kochi, Shikoku-island
Softly grilled tuna with salt (quite raw inside)

"Kochi and *River Shimanto Omnibus"
Tuna-rice-roll with ginger, riverweed, sardine, river-snail

In the year of 2008
*River Shimanto is supposed to be the last cleanest river in Japan

Kyoto-cuisine at Hokkaido (the North island)
Mostly consists of soybean products and seafoods, ie. crab, prawn, fish, seaweed and so on

In the year of 2009
Chef: Mr. Takuzo Furusawa
Photographed at "Hotel Niseko Ashiri" (Japanese-style Spa hotel).
Konbu-Spa, Niseko-cho, Hokkaido Island, JAPAN
Outer link:"Hotel Niseko Ashiri"official-site

Japanese-style-Inn with Spa and Attractive Japanese cuisine
before a major skiarea in the central Japan
Dinner: A plat du jour

Photographed at "Maruishi Ryokan (Japanese-style Spa-inn)"
Happo, Hakuba Village, Kita-Azumi-Gun, Nagano pref., Japan

Outer link:"Maruishi Ryokan official-site"
Remarks: Uses home-farm-made and local food ingredients
Japanese traditional handicraft experience available

World-famous Japanese-style POT-AU-FEU

Ingredients: Sliced-beef, "Tofu":bean-curd, "Hakusai":Chinese cabbage, "Negi":leek, Konnyaku, Shunkiku with sugar, soysauce,
and Japanese "SAKE" "Sukiyaki" is once known by "Sukiyaki song" that used to be popular not only in Japan, but even in the States
Sukiyaki is supposed to be a kind of gorgeous Japanese cuisine especially in winter season

Remarks: Uses mainly local food ingredients
Photographed at "Oyado Hisaya (Japanese-style Spa-inn)"
Located in the midst of Hachikita-Kogen Skiarea, Kansai Region, western Japan

Outer link:"Oyado Hisaya"official-site"


"Soba" is one of the traditional Japanese noodle made of "Buckwheat"
As buckwheat is now considered "low-calorie and healthy," it's very popular as lumch or light-meal among Japanese people

Photographed at "Daimon Sobaten "located along "Ohtemae-dori"st., Izushi-cho, Toyooka city, Hyogo pref.
Remarks: The most famous Soba-area is Nagano pref. as known "Shinshu Soba"

(Vegetarian cooking of Buddhist priest)

So-called "Shojin-ryori"is almost made from soybeans, for example "Miso-soup," "Tohu,"and "Natto."
Othewise they are made from wheat-flour and rice (i.e.Gohan). Strict Buddhist priests were supposed
to have only "Shojin-ryori" those days. Now we can eat them at some buddhist temples all over Japan.
"Shojin-ryori"is well known as diet and healthy foods in Japan.

Photographed at Fukuchiin temple in Koyasan Buddhist area, UNESCO's World-heritage area.

Breakfast of "Shojin-ryori": Rice porridge, miso-soup, pickled vegetables
Photographed at Senyuji-temple, Shikoku-island

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